At the urging of family and many friends, I am venturing into the world of “Blogs” I have no idea what I am doing! My aim is to recount memories, both of what I have experienced, and what has been told to me by older family members. As well. I will be sure to voice my opinion of current events , and some of my observations. I think everyone thought, or hoped, with this outlet I wouldn’t talk so much …..dream on!

I am 74, the oldest surviving female on my mother’s side – the Blackmans and Stuarts. My cousin Allan is a bit older. On my father’s side – the Jones family-I have two aunts, and then it’s RubyAnn !

I am also the oldest surviving member of my family. I had a brother David who died at 9 months before I was born. My sisters are Virginia( 7 1/2 years younger) and Sarah( Sally) ( 9 years younger).We were  heartbroken when our brother, Barry, died last year, ten days before his 63rd birthday. He was the youngest of all Р10 1/2 years younger than I . I also have a sister/cousin Dorothy who lived with us from grade nine on. She is my sister, her sons are my nephews, and her husband is my brother-in-law.

I am married to the love of my life. We will celebrate our 55th anniversary in June. I think we love each other more now than when we were 19 and 22. We have two children -Christopher Lloyd and Cynthia Laurene(Cindy) and four beautiful granddaughters. They are Johanna Ruby (Annie) -13; Cassandra Laurene (Cassey) – 11; Margaret Nicolette (Maggie) -9; Chaselyn Adrianna – 7. Chaselyn has no nickname. I refused to call her Chase because I thought Chaselyn was too pretty. Apparently everyone else thought so too ! I can assure you you’ll read about them from time to time.

I went to school in a one room rural school. When you finished a grade, you started the next one, no matter what time of year it was. So, I finished eight years in six, and my friend Elaine and I went to high school after six years. From then on I was always the youngest . I was 11 for the first six weeks of grade nine! I graduated from grade 13 at 16, Teachers College and celebrated my 18th birthday in my classroom. At that time teachers didn’t need a degree, just a year of teacher training, more methodology than theory! I was the youngest teacher in the area for several years. I think that’s why I am always shocked that it seemed like all of a sudden I went from being the youngest to the oldest when I retired 36 years later!

I eventually got my degree by working at it during the summers and winters and finishing the last three courses by taking a part-time leave from teaching. It took a long time. I started when Christopher was two. During the eleven years our daughter Cindy was born, I taught school, was a farm wife and took other educational courses. But eventually, in 1978, I had a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Politics, got my Specialist in Special Education the next year.

I will probably write about all these things at other times.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my memories and musings. Please make comments when so moved!