By the time you finish reading this, you may think I am annoyed a lot! As I said at the first, I would write sometimes about memories, and sometimes  do some musings. Today I am musing.

I got thinking about this the other day when someone called me “Ruby”. When I was little, I really disliked being  RubyAnn. No one else had that name, I wanted to be something usual like  Mary, Nancy, Elaine or Shirley. As I got older, I started to like the idea of being ‘one of a kind’! The first RubyAnn was my great, great grandmother. Apparently she was a very tall woman, and had jet black hair. I sure didn’t take after her. The next was her daughter, my great grandmother. Her name was actually Ann Ruby, and was called Ann. The next was my Aunt Ruby (she always regretted that her mother had left off the Ann) I never had a problem keeping the Ann. Everyone just knew I was RubyAnn. Even in Teachers’College and teaching. When someone would call me Ruby, I would correct them. I have never been able to figure out why, when I introduce myself, e.g., “Hi, I am RubyAnn”  some people respond, “Hi Ruby“!    Strangely, it is more of a problem since I retired. I was fairly well known in the education business, so the name went with me. I still keep correcting people when ever I can. This probably is my biggest pet peeve! One good thing about having the name RubyAnn was when my niece was starting to talk and Aunt RubyAnn was a little hard and became Aunt B’Ann. All my nephews, my niece and the ‘greats’ call me Aunt B’Ann. I love it.

Probably my next biggest peeve is the improper use of ” I ” instead of  “me”  I think some people think you should always use “I “if possible. It used to be one could rely on the news, etc. for proper grammar, and it would help everyone remember . But honestly, I have heard things like “The picture was given to Mary and I” , “This gift is from Jim and I”. If people would just check by taking out the proper name – Mary and Jim, you realize you wouldn’t say  “It was given to I”, etc.

A close second to the misuse of ” I “, is the lack of “ly” ! I would love to have some magnetic  “ly”signs  and go around adding them to Drive Carefully or Slowly, Play Safely. 

Poor Lloyd, all through a TV show he hears “ly” and “me” yelled from my chair. I really am not part of the grammar police. But these two things really annoy me. It is interesting how some people just naturally know what to say. I never heard my dad, with his grade eight education make an error . Our son Christopher is the same. I noticed when one of my granddaughters was talking, she was just naturally putting in the “ly”  TV used to be a good model – not so much any more.

Another pet peeve is when people say how lucky Lloyd and I are to have a new house and a small place in a resort in Arizona for the winter, to have my teacher’s pension, a family with little conflict, a good marriage. I guess we are, if you consider people make their own luck! Thirty-six years of teaching for me, thirty years of farming plus almost twenty years of working at a marina for Lloyd. We worked hard, spent carefully. and have two kids who want us to ‘spend their inheritance‘ by going wherever we want as long as we are able. We also have worked hard in our marriage. With hard work and God ‘s support, we have been very lucky!

I just hate to hear the ” F ” word used all the time. I will admit I am fascinated that it can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb! One day I was walking on the sidewalk behind some young men, and I actually broke out laughing at how hard they were trying to ” F ” every other word. I especially dislike seeing it so much on FaceBook. It is there so much, that many people will begin to think it is alright to use it anywhere and any time. It is used so often when other words would do just as well. I seemed to have managed to live 74+ years without it and have NO trouble expressing myself. I  find it very offensive.

Have you ever noticed when listening to people being interviewed how they begin their answer?  They might start with “I mean” “Like”, “You know”. These filler phrases must give them a second to begin their actual answer. “I mean” really gets to me, because they haven’t said anything yet, so don’t really have to give a further explanation.

I probably sound like a crotchety old woman! These are just a few of my pet peeves. I am sure others will appear at this site from time to time!






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